Links for our 2-dimensional interconnect and transmission line simulator program, SIMIAN: Surface Impedance Method for Interconnect Analysis

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The basics of the surface ribbon method.

Users Manual:

Versions of the code:

Dec. 8, 1998 versions of SIMIAN (current release is 2.1), which now includes circular conductors and the option to use the more conventional volume filament technique:


* Compile instruction
The source code was successfully compiled on following machines

simian_rs6000 :  IBM RS/6000(model 350) OS-AIX4.1.4
simian_sunos4 : Sparc station 20 OS-sunos4.1.4
simian_linux : Pentium II OS-linux4.2
simian_solaris : Ultra Sparc OS-solaris2.6
simian_hp : HP workstation 700

** some notes
1. this code is written in c++.
2. use correct Makefile for your platform.
3. modify Makefile for your compiler:
   should work on one of these compiler.
   g++ compiler
   c++ compiler
   gcc compiler
4. if nothing works, try to download binary files(not tested yet though)
5. any comments should directed to ''
6. we are working on implementation of circular conductors


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